Wire Forms & Wire Bending


Gordon Products are manufacturers of CNC wire forms, wire bending, wire components, wirework and all kinds of wire fabrications and wire assemblies in diameters from 1-12 mm. Whether you have a drawing, sketch, sample or just the beginnings of an idea for your wire forms, we offer the full range of manufacturing services.

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Sheet Metal Components


Looking for a supplier of a sheet metal component to your specification? Our CNC punch pressing and press braking capabilities can produce parts accurately and very cost-effectively. These can then be combined by means of Mig, Tig, or spot welding to form assemblies, together with wire components, if required. 

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Standard Products


Gordon Products manufactures a range of own-brand standard products for use in the construction, pre-cast concrete and insulation industries.


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Gordon Products are specialist manufacturers of wire bending, wire forms, wire products and sheet metal components for a wide range of industries.

With state-of-the-art CNC wire bending machinery and CNC punching, pressing, and folding capabilities, we are ideally suited to the manufacture of small, medium, or large production volumes of wire components, wire forms, wirework and sheet metal components, including light fabrications and welded assemblies. We can provide cost-effective production of your existing parts, or offer design input, ideas and problem solving for new applications. So if you’re looking for a specialist manufacturer of wire forms, wire products or sheet metal components, get in touch.

Since 1965, we have worked closely with a diverse range of industries.   Market sectors supplied include construction, insulation, furniture, healthcare, medical, marine, leisure and numerous other industrial and engineering applications.

If you are looking for a sheet metal component, bespoke bracket or custom wire form, then look no further, our sales team will provide you with a rapid quotation for the part you have in mind.

Call our sales team now on 01928 732158, or CLICK HERE to send us details of your requirements.