110mm Pipe Support Brackets for use with Precast Beam and Block Floors

110mm pipe supportHere at Gordon Products, we manufacture 110mm pipe support. This type of support can be manufactured according to your specifications, and it will come with clamps fixing to precast beams, it will be adjustable for rotation and height, and it will be available for precast concrete T beams of all sizes. This type of support is generally used for soil and waste pipes. The manufacturing process for a metal pipe starts at the blast furnace, where the iron ore is reduced into molten metal. Pig iron and scrap are generally used, but the selection process for the materials is very thorough, because a high purity base metal is needed. The metal is desulfurized, and then its temperature is adjusted in a special electrical furnace, which results in the perfect casting temperature.

Before a pipe can be used with our 110mm pipe support, it has a few more stages to go through. Once the metal is at the right temperature, it goes through the pipe spinning process. This process consists of layering molten metal inside a fast spinning cylindrical mould. The metal is then solidified using two continuous mould cooling processes called “de LAVAUD” and “WET SPRAY”. The first process uses a graphitizing and ferritizing heat treatment to give the pipe its mechanical properties and structure, while the WET SPRAY process uses powdered refractory silica to reduce the internal thermal conductivity of the iron before it is poured into the mould.

The last step of the pipe manufacturing process, before it is usable with our 110mm pipe support, involves the coating process. Most pipes are coated with pure metallic zinc. This is followed by a quality assurance process, where all of the properties of the pipe are tested, in order to ensure full functionality. If you’d like to purchase supports for your soil and waste pipes, contact Gordon Products today. We have a wide variety of bespoke wire bending processes and services ready to meet all your business needs.


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