110mm Pipe Support for Construction, Insulation and Precast Concrete Work

110 mm Pipe SupportGordon Products manufactures standard use products including 110mm pipe support most used in construction, insulation and precast concrete work. They are available in several sizes and types for all situations. Since a series of pipe supports serve the purpose of absorbing weight we manufacture them from pre-galvanized or zinc plated mild steel to specifications. We have support brackets for concrete T beams, 90-degree support brackets, bridge type brackets and block fixing brackets.  110mm pipe supports are essential products you need to be able to source easily and depend on their quality. Gordon Products can promise all that for the competitive price you need.

We’re aware of the slender margin many contractors are faced with so keeping product quality high, supplies readily available and prices low is the fine line we walk as well. Whether you need 110mm pipe support or any of our many other products and services, we work closely with our customers so they get the customer service they need. That also applies to all custom design and manufacturing we provide for our customers. We never skimp on new technology though because that enables us to turn out precision products at a faster rate. We don’t believe in waste and that’s how we keep our prices down. We do believe in investing in equipment to improve product quality and customer service.

 Gordon Products, such as our 110mm pipe supports, are manufactured for standard use. However, all of our products can be customised to suit almost any situation without sacrificing durability. We want our products to improve the function of your products so if you need something special, just ask. We’ll work with you from your own design or we can design it according to the specified need. Contact Gordon Products and we can talk about your product needs. For fifty-five years we have supplied wire formed parts, wire products, welded frames and sheet metal products. We supply fixtures and assemblies according to specific need. Our customers are members of almost every industry. Whatever you need, be it wire forms, sheet metal components, or brackets, standard or bespoke, our sales team will quote you a price without delay.


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