110mm Pipe Support to Meet Your Plumbing Requirements

110 mm Pipe SupportIf you want a 110 mm pipe support for your plumbing needs, get it from the experts. At Gordon Products, we design and manufacture bent wire form components and sheet metal fixing for construction needs. All construction components must be durable. They are critical to the integrity of a structure and play a key role in the safety of a building. Rusting or cracking is hazardous and may result in damages. We build all our components from highly durable and resistant metal. All our products are tried and tested to meet the necessary standards. What we deliver to our clients is nothing short of the best. Our pipe support fixtures are incomparable.

Pipe supports are critical in designing plumbing systems. The 110mm pipe support is particularly essential in holding service pipes and soil pipes in place. No one wants a soil pipe to fall from its position or dislodge at the joints. The result will be unpleasant considering the content in the pipe. Therefore, it is important to hold soil pipes in place. Securing the pipes ensures safe disposal of wastewater and prevents contamination. Our pipe support components are designed to take the weight of soil pipes and tightly secure the pipes to precast beams and block floors. The supports vary in design for different applications. The 90-degree support bracket allows installation along elbow joints or areas with a 90-degree orientation. The adjustable support allows adjustments for height and rotation.

The 110mm pipe support comes in handy when securing soil pipes. The brackets preserve the integrity of your plumbing system by ensuring your pipes remain safe. Gordon Products uses the latest cutting edge technology to design and manufacture the finest pipe support components. We only produce quality components and our products are known for their unparalleled performance. Our components never disappoint and they have been used in numerous construction projects without any hitches. Call us today and get the finest 110mm pipe support. We have been in the business for years and offer reliable services and products. Don’t risk the safety of your plumbing, trust us.


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