90 Degree Pipe Support Bracket Expertly Manufactured to your Requirements

90 Degree Pipe Support BracketGordon Products will work with you to design and manufacture a 90 degree pipe support bracket according to your specific requirements.We currently manufacture our own standard brand of 90 degree brackets most used by construction, insulation and precast concrete  sectors. They are part of a range of our brand of wire bending products including ceiling clips, pipe supports and pigtail screws. Our 110mm waste pipe support brackets are adjustable supports for hanging pipes from floor blocks or beams with simple clamps for precast beams. They are adjustable to any height or degree of rotation. 110mm is standard but we can manufacture to your requirements. Our midsized factory is designed for optimal customer service.

We know that whatever your line of work requiring our brackets, you need a need stock always available and a dependable manufacturer as your source. Our 90 degree soil pipe support brackets are manufactured for 155, 175 and 226 deep beams. When you order the kit, you receive 2 each of beam brackets, pipe clamp bracket, 30mm M8 BZP Bolts; 11 M8 BZP Nuts; and 1 each of twist bracket plate, 333mm M8 BZP Stud Length and 100mm M8 BZP Bolt. Our components are from zinc plated mild steel or pre-galvanised mild steel. Our shop floor is equipped with up to date precision equipment. Careful maintenance keeps our orders moving on time.  For prompt delivery you can depend on Gordon Products.

Trust Gordon Products for reliable manufacture of the 90 degree pipe support bracket and kits in the numbers you need when you need them; large orders or small. We promise you the specialised customer service that is and has been our standard operating procedure for over fifty years. We never cut corners on quality to lower prices. Instead, we cut the waste that adds to the cost of products. If you need a 90 degree pipe support bracket, contact Gordon Products. We work efficiently according to precise standards and that helps keep our prices down. We don’t ask our customers to pay more because of poor management. We produce high quality products at customer friendly prices and it works well because that’s exactly what the customer wants.


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