90 Degree Pipe Support Bracket

90 Degree Pipe Support BracketGet premium quality 90 degree pipe support brackets from Gordon Products. We have more than half a century’s experience in providing products and services to a diverse range of industries. They include the agricultural, marine, construction, insulation, furniture, health-care, medical, leisure industries and much more. We offer a comprehensive range of products that include wire forms, wire components, wire bending services, sheet metal components, standard products that are used in construction, pre-cast concrete and insulation industries. These include a wide range of pipe support products. We are based in the North West region and our clients come to us from all over this area and beyond. Most of our business comes to us via recommendations from satisfied customers. We believe in providing efficient, top-quality, cost-effective solutions along with a customer-driven approach tailored to meet your exact requirements.

Pipe supports or pipe hangers as they’re sometimes called are devices that are used to transfer the load of pipes to supporting structures. This load consists of the contents of the pipe, its own weight and all the accessories and fittings that it needs to stay in place. 90 degree pipe support brackets help to anchor, guide and absorb shock too. If the pipes that are being supported carry materials that are of high or low temperatures, they may need to have additional insulation accessories too. The entire assembly of pipes and supports have to be designed based on the application, needs, load and operating conditions. There are different types of loads that come to bear on the pipe assembly system.¬† The primary load is a constant and sustained one, and consists of internal fluid pressure, external pressure, gravitational forces, and wave forces. Secondary loads occur when there are different types of displacement. For instance, the pipe nozzle may be pulled upwards or downwards due to thermal expansion of the pipe or sudden movements of equipment.

Our range of 90 degree pipe support brackets can be selected based on the exact purpose and need. Contact us today if you are looking for 90 degree pipe supports. We employ a highly-efficient, skilled, dedicated and experienced staff who are trained to provide  customised solutions to match your requirements.


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