90 Degree Pipe Support Brackets Designed for Large Loads

90 Degree Pipe Support BracketAre you looking for top quality 90 degree pipe support brackets?

At Gordon Products, we have a comprehensive range of wire forms and brackets, sheet metal components and our own brand of standard products for a diverse variety of industries. We have more than fifty years’ experience in this sector and are proud of our reputation for excellence in quality, affordable prices and our customer-oriented approach. No matter how big or small your project, we’re glad to be able to satisfy your requirements. We tailor each and every project to suit your needs, preferences and budget. This is what sets us apart from others in this business. It also accounts for the fact that most of our business comes to us via recommendations from satisfied clients.

90 degree pipe support brackets are designed to take large loads and ensure security and safety. The load and operating conditions play a huge role in selecting the right products. Pipe supports or pipe hangers are designed to help transfer loads from pipes to the supporting structure. Loads consist of the pipe itself, the materials traveling through the pipe, and its coverings and fittings. This load should be properly supported through the use of the proper brackets and fittings. Apart from the regular loads that pipes carry, there may be certain conditions that impose heavier stress on pipes. These include weather and climatic factors, and seismic disturbances. Other factors known as displacement loads include thermal expansion of the pipes themselves, and the movement of equipment.

90 degree pipe support brackets manufactured by us are adjustable soil pipe brackets that can be used to hang 110mm service pipes below precast beams and block floors. They can support 110mm pipes from concrete T beams, and are available in a range of sizes to suit different beam profiles. We also include a 333mm length of M8 studding to adjust fall possibility. Clients can use our convenient online web form to convey their requirements and orders to us. When you are looking for professionally made 90 degree pipe support brackets, contact Gordon Products. It is wise to get a professionally trained and experienced technician for such installations, otherwise you could end up wasting time, effort and money.


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