90 Degree Pipe Support Brackets for Use in Construction, Pre-cast Concrete and Insulation Industries

90 Degree Pipe Support BrackettsFor expertly fabricated 90 degree pipe support brackets, Gordon Products can assist you. All our pipe support brackets are manufactured from pre-galvanised mild steel or mild steel/zinc plated. We can however, supply this product in stainless steel if your application requires higher corrosive protection. We can also offer our support brackets in different sizes to suit different beam sizes. The kits that we provide are available complete with two beam brackets which clamp around the beam and are fixed using nuts and bolts. The kit can be purchased with all nuts, bolts, a stud length, beam brackets and pipe clamp bracket included. The bracket assembly is used for the support of 90 degree sections of 110mm soil pipes from concrete T beams, where the usage is suggested by the NHBC.

90 degree pipe support brackets are specifically designed to transfer the load from a pipe to the supporting structures. The load includes the weight of the pipe itself, what the pipe carries, each of the fittings attached to the pipe, and the pipe’s covering which could be insulation. The pipe support brackets must be carefully manufactured in order to provide strength. At Gordon Products, we take pride in our expertise and quality of service. We firmly believe in a commitment to customer satisfaction, and as such, we have a ‘can do’ attitude that enables us to provide the products our clients need. We have continued to invest in the latest machinery, and this plays a role in our ability to provide cost-effective production and consistent quality. Careful management of our costs ensures that we can offer competitive prices for our customers.

90 degree pipe support brackets are available for any industry such as construction, insulation, furniture, healthcare and medical, marine, leisure and other industrial and engineering companies. If you need 90 degree support pipe brackets for your project, contact Gordon Products today. We are able to provide cost-effective production of your existing parts, or we can offer design input, ideas and problem solving for any new applications.


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