A Large Choice of Expertly Manufactured Lifting Hooks Available for Your Needs

Lifting HooksClip on, cross over or push in lifting hooks are among our standard products produced at Gordon Products. While we manufacture to our customers specifications from a drawing, sample or created by one of our own designers, some products common to many industries are always in demand. Therefore, we make sure we can keep our customers supplied and manufacture these standard products under our own brand. Lifting hooks are just such a product commonly used by the building and concrete industries. Push-in lifting hooks can be inserted after the concrete is poured. Clip-on lifting hooks clip securely to 5mm and 7mm diameter prestressing wires and cross-over lifting hooks  can be used further down in the mould.

At Gordon Products, we operate at all levels to a high and highly efficient standard for all of our products. We manufacture our lifting hooks from high carbon spring wire. They are easily freed from the moulds when the concrete is cured. Our CNC wire forms include wirework, wire fabrications and assemblies. Besides the high carbon wire used for our lifting hooks, other materials include high tensile, pre galvanised, mild steel, copper, bronze and stainless steel. Some of our other products are baskets, welded assemblies, coiled parts, clips, fittings and more. We serve almost every industry from agriculture to retail. Tell us what you need a product to do and we will manufacture t to your specifications.

Gordon Products manufactures a nearly endless supply of components, wire forms like lifting hooks, and finished products. We have been doing so for over fifty years and our fundamental goals have never changed. We produce top quality products and we deliver them on schedule as promised. We know to satisfy our customers those products must be priced right. Contact Gordon Products and talk to one of our sales teams about the products you need to be able to count on for on time delivery, priced right and excellent quality.  Certainly lifting hooks fits that category. You can depend on us at Gordon Products to supply the amounts and types you can’t afford to run out of.


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