Bespoke Ceiling Hangers to Meet your Needs

ceiling hangersWe supply a standard range of products that includes ceiling hangers that are manufactured for the fixing of ceiling battens to concrete beams. They have been made for block flooring systems and hanging ceilings and are available in large and small quantities. The useful mechanisms generate a clearance void for services under floors or above the fitted ceiling boards. These Uniclip Void Clips are made for use as a substructural component in a suspended ceiling structure. Our reputation for timeous delivery of items and high-quality components is well known in the industry. We manufacture the ceiling hangers in a choice of standard precast beam and block dimensions. These are a 150mm, 175mm or 225mm size as these are the most commonly used beam and block measurements.

Many construction companies will find our standard wire forms and sheet metal fixings convenient and useful to purchase in large quantities. Ceiling hangers are used in both the precast concrete and construction industries. We have the facilities to manufacture bespoke sizes in almost all our standard items according to the requirements of the customer. The ceiling hangers are made of 1.0 and 0.8mm galvanised mild steel manufactured to BS EN 10326:2004 standards. The hangers should be fitted prior to grouting the floor but it is often possible to fix them after grouting. Our state of the art CNC punching, pressing and folding machines along with the latest CAD packages allow us to manufacture high quantities of items within specific tolerances.

We can manufacture any type of wireforms and sheet metal items including ceiling hangers that you may need in the construction of your buildings. Contact Gordon Products today or visit us to discuss your project. We have over 52 years of experience in wire forms and metal component manufacture.  Our company is one of the largest suppliers of these products in almost every industry in the UK. We deal with the construction, insulation and healthcare and medical sectors as well as marine and leisure industry. We are also kept very busy with the industrial and engineering companies. There is almost no form that we cannot construct from wire or sheet metal.


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