Ceiling Clips for Use in Industry and Construction

We manufacture various own-brand products including ceiling clips for use in industry and construction. We create and supply many items for the precast concrete industry as well as the construction and insulation sectors. Our ceiling clips can be used with precast beam and block flooring systems. The UNICLIP range is made for use as a sub-component in a suspended ceiling structure. They are used to fix the ceiling battens to precast concrete floors.  They are small but invaluable items that can be bought in large or small quantities. Our pipe support brackets have been made for 110mm pipe which is one of the most common sizes. They come in a more »

Quality Pipe Support for Your Construction Project

We supply a wide range of own manufactured products including single pipe support brackets. They are packaged in kits with everything necessary included. This comprises two beam brackets which are pre-galvanised mild steel folded brackets which clamp around the beam and are fixed using nuts and bolts. This secures the position of the bracket around the beam. There are three different types for 155mm deep beam, 175mm deep beam and a 225mm deep beam. There are different ways of attaching the pipe clamp according to requirements. If the pipe is fixed close to the beam the stud can be cut to size. It gives a drop length of a maximum more »

Lifting Hooks to Suit Different Stressing Wire Configurations

If you need top-quality lifting hooks, consult Gordon Products. We have been in business for over half a century providing a wide range of wire products, sheet metal products, welded frames, fixtures and assemblies. We serve different sectors including construction, furniture, insulation, healthcare and engineering. Our reliability and commitment to deliver top quality products makes us the top selection for many clients. The products you make are only as good as the method used to make them. Over the years we have invested in modern machinery to guarantee consistent quality on all our products. Moreover, the application of modern processes and top quality raw materials ensure we make the best more »

Spiral Pigtail Screws for Fire Protection of Structural Steelwork and Ducting

We manufacture spiral pigtail screws as one of our standard products. These come in a number of standard lengths from short screws at 40mm, to long screws of 180mm in length. The standard dimensions are 17mm wide head section tapering down to 8mm at the bottom section. The screws are manufactured from 1.6mm diameter galvanised spring steel wire. The head end of the screw is suitable for application with a Pozidrive or Philips screwdriver making it easy to insert. These special screws are usually used for the securing of mineral fibreboard and similar insulation materials that are used in the fire protection of structural steelwork and ducting. We have a more »

Void Forming Ceiling Clips Manufactured from 1.0 and 0.8mm Galvanised Mild Steel

Void forming ceiling clips is one of our own brand of standard products. Our speciality is the manufacture of bent wire components and sheet metal fixings. The precast concrete and construction industries are the largest customers for our void ceiling clips. They’re used to create enough space for the installation of essential services when wood planks or timber battens are suspended below beams and floors and a component in suspended ceiling structures. We make them available in various sizes and void depths. We can also provide bespoke sizes. The customer need only ask. Our void clips are manufactured from 1.0 and 0.8mm galvanised mild steel. Generally, contractors will need about more »

Premium Quality Uniclip Ceiling Clip Range

Get in touch with Gordon Products to explore our premium quality Uniclip ceiling clip range. Ours is a half-century-old company that specialises in manufacture and supply of wire bending, wire forms and sheet metal components. We support a diverse spectrum of industries, from construction, marine, hospitality, medical, leisure and music to healthcare, insulation and furniture. We handle all aspects of the process, right from design to management and shop floor, to ensure quality products. Our commitment to quality involves staying ahead of the curve in terms of technology, design, innovations, equipment, information and materials. This is combined with a strong focus on customer satisfaction, no matter how big or small more »

Essential 110mm Pipe Support for Your Project

For a comprehensive selection of 110mm pipe supports, get in touch with Gordon Products. We have more than fifty years’ experience in design, manufacturing and supply of various metal components, wire forms and standard products like pipe supports, ceiling clips, screws and lifting hooks. Our client base extends across several diverse industries like construction, insulation, leisure, music and art, healthcare, and engineering. Customers can get the product of their choice manufactured to their exact specifications, no matter how big or small your requirement. Our team of highly trained, experienced and dedicated professionals can give you the right advice and assistance. 110mm pipe supports are an essential part of many industrial more »

Quality 90 Degree Pipe Support Brackets at Affordable Prices

At Gordon Products, we manufacture 90 degree pipe support brackets as one of our own brands of products. Such products are used primarily in industries such as insulation, construction and precast concrete. Pipe support brackets are one of several products for which there is continuous demand. Contractors need a ready supply of this industry staple which is why we manufacture them on a steady schedule so we can always fill orders for them quickly. This keeps the buyers cost down as well. Our company is conscientious about costs for all our products and we manage our company to meet the contractors need for quality products, on time at the lowest more »

Soil Pipe Support for Your Construction Needs

There are many pipes that carry water into your home and many that carry wastewater out again but soil pipe support is used on the water that carries wastewater. This comes from baths, hand basins, from toilets, bidets and urinals. Bodily waste should only be discarded through soil pipes as these have a different venting system to general wastewater pipes. Soil pipes are vented through the roof so that dangerous methane and other gases can escape into the air whereas waste pipes are simply emptied into the normal sewer system with no ventilation. Our adjustable soil pipe brackets are manufactured for use with precast beam and block floors. We can more »

Premium Quality Pipe Support for Your Building Project

An essential installation when laying the plumbing of a house is the pipe support. Pipes are designed to channel fluids or gases in and out of houses. Some pipes are used to house cables and delicate connections. Unfortunately, kinking and bowing compromise the integrity of pipes. The weight of the pipe and its content cause damage around kinks and other areas of weakness. Inevitably, leaks develop and the consequences are immediate. Water leaks can develop slowly but gas leaks need immediate attention regardless of the size of the leak. Solving the problem of leaks only needs pipe supports to preserve the integrity of the pipes. Pipe supports prevent pipes from more »