Specifically Designed and Expertly Manufactured Soil Pipe Support

Get top-quality soil pipe support and allied products from Gordon Products.

Specialist Bent Wire Forming for any Industry using CNC

Gordon Products offers state-of-the-art CNC for bent wire forming.

Unique Wire Parts for Any Application

Our CNC machines will make wire parts for any application.

Wire Components Manufactured for Every Industry at Attractive Prices

When you require top-quality wire components, Gordon Products can provide exactly what you require.

High Quality Wire Forming from the Specialist Manufacturers

The number of products whose manufacture includes wire forming is endless.

Wire Forming Services

For all your wire forming services, contact the specialists.

Looking for High Quality Wire Forms?

Wire forms are pieces of wire that are given a certain shape in order to fit a particular industrial need.

Wire Bending

When you require large-scale wire bending facilities, it’s best to have them done by a professional.

Wire Bending Services

If what you need is wire bending services that are accurate and delivered on time then we at Gordon Products are at your service.

Wiring Components in Birkenhead

Gordon Products supplies wiring components in Birkenhead to manufacturers of countless products in every sector from construction to medical and leisure to emergency services.