Wire Forming in Birmingham

You have an idea for a product but getting it into production means finding a factory for wire forming in Birmingham.

Wire Form Manufacturers in Bristol

As wire form manufacturers in Bristol we at Gordon Products are hard pressed to think of an industry that doesn’t use CNC wire forms and a multitude of wire assemblies, components and fabrications in their own product manufacturing.

Need an Insulation Fastener in London?

If you need an insulation fastener in London we can supply you with as many as you require.

Wire Forming in London

We’re proud to announce that we are offering wire forming in London.

CNC Wire Bending in London

Ever heard of CNC wire bending in London?

Looking for Wire Forms in Bristol

If you are looking for wire forms in Bristol, come to us.

Wire Form Manufacturers in Leeds

Wire form manufacturers in Leeds provide their customers with a variety of wire forms, both standard and customised. 

Wire Forms in Newcastle

When you need wire forms in Newcastle for manufacture of all types of components or parts, contact the specialists.

Looking for a Wire Form Manufacturer in Glasgow

You may be looking for a wire form manufacturer in Glasgow as you need a specialty hook for your new product.

Sheet Metal Components in Sheffield

We carry all kinds of sheet metal components in Sheffield at Gordon Products.