Essential Uniclip Ceiling Clip for Your Needs

The uniclip ceiling clip is one of many standard components Gordon Products considers a standard product with guaranteed availability.

90 Degree Pipe Support Brackets for Use in Construction, Pre-cast Concrete and Insulation Industries

For expertly fabricated 90 degree pipe support brackets, Gordon Products can assist you.

110mm Pipe Support to Meet Your Plumbing Requirements

If you want a 110 mm pipe support for your plumbing needs, get it from the experts.

Premium Quality Soil Pipe Support

There are many pipes that carry water into your home and many that carry wastewater out again but soil pipe support is used on the water that carries soiled water from toilets, bidets and urinals.

Bespoke Suspended Ceiling Hangers to Meet your Needs

If you need suspended ceiling hangers in large quantities we can supply you with as many as you require.

Bespoke Ceiling Hangers to Meet your Needs

We supply a standard range of products that includes ceiling hangers that are manufactured for the fixing of ceiling battens to concrete beams.

Ceiling Clips for Use in Industry and Construction

We manufacture various own-brand products including ceiling clips for use in industry and construction.

Quality Pipe Support for Your Construction Project

We supply a wide range of own manufactured products including single pipe support brackets.

Lifting Hooks to Suit Different Stressing Wire Configurations

If you need top-quality lifting hooks, consult Gordon Products. We have been in business for over

Spiral Pigtail Screws for Fire Protection of Structural Steelwork and Ducting

We manufacture spiral pigtail screws as one of our standard products.