Wireforms for Any Application

Our CNC machines will make wireforms for any application. We can offer our customers innovative and unique products that will cut their costs. If you are using a product made from metal sheet we could be able to make the item from wire. This will cut the costs immediately and we are happy to help you design a replacement product. We will take a sample and rework it until it can efficiently replace the more costly item. Some of our wire products include clips, coils, display stands, fittings and fixings, hooks, baskets and welded wire fabrications. We service a wide range of industries including the agriculture, automotive and construction sectors. more »

Quality Wire Bending Services

When you need top-quality wire bending services, partner with the specialists. Gordon Products has more than fifty years’ experience in this industry and we’re proud of the reputation that we have established. We are specialist manufacturers of CNC (computer numerical control) wire-forms, wire bending, wirework and many other kinds of wire fabrications and assemblies for a diverse range of industries, in diameters ranging from 1 to 12 mm. The materials we work in include bright mild steel, pre-galvanized, high-carbon, high tensile, spring, 302, 404 and 316 grade stainless steel, copper and phosphor bronze. Clients can provide us with the basic design, drawing and we can undertake the entire project from more »

Need Premium Quality Pipe Support?

A pipe support is central to any plumbing system. Pipes offer the single most important conduits for supplying water to a building and directing wastewater out to the drains. The piping system of a house is designed depending on the size of the house and the water requirements of the building. Moreover, the system also takes into consideration the weather conditions in the area. A buildings piping system includes both exterior and interior piping systems. The interior pipes run through bathrooms, sinks, showers and kitchens. The exterior pipes cover the sewage drains, water tanks, and council water supply. All these pipes have different structural characteristics that define their function. A more »

Custom Designed and Manufactured 90 Degree Pipe Support Brackets

90 Degree Pipe Support Brackets are among our standard bracket products readily available at Gordon Products. We also supply T bar brackets for beams built into the floor structure; Bridge brackets laterally adjustable to support concrete T beams; Block Fixing Brackets for concrete block floors; Pipe Support Brackets for the support of soil pipes from concrete T beams in different sizes. Our 90 degree bracket assembly supports 90 degree sections from T beams and is available for beams 155 deep, 175 deep and 225 deep. The use is recommended by The National House Building Council, (NHBC). The assembly includes M8 studding to adjust fall. The 90 degree bracket assembly kit more »

Premium Quality, Purpose-designed 110mm Pipe Support

Get premium quality, purpose-designed 110mm pipe support from the specialists. Gordon Products have more than five decades’ experience in supporting a diverse range of industries, including the construction, insulation, furniture, healthcare, marine, leisure sectors and various other commercial and engineering applications.  Our greatest strength is our continual investment in people, training and the latest equipment and manufacturing processes. We also manufacture wire forms, wire products, sheet metal products, welded frames, fixtures and assemblies. We have established a reputation for excellent quality, affordable pricing and a customer-centric approach to all projects, no matter how big or small. While purchasing 110mm pipe support, you need to analyse your design structure, the load more »

Top Quality Soil Pipe Support Manufactured to Meet Your Project’s Requirements

There are many pipes that carry water into your home and many that carry wastewater out again but soil pipe support is used on the water that carries soiled water from toilets, bidets and urinals. Bodily waste should only be discarded through soil pipes as these have a different venting system to general wastewater pipes. Soil pipes are vented through the roof so that dangerous methane and other gases can escape into the air whereas waste pipes are simply emptied into the normal sewer system with no ventilation. Our adjustable soil pipe brackets are manufactured for use with precast beam and block floors. We can supply them in any required more »

Different Sized 90 Degree Pipe Support Brackets to Suit Different Beam Profiles

There are several components that get overlooked during the construction of buildings such as 90 degree pipe support brackets. These components are vital supporting features that hold a structure together and optimise the function of key elements of the building. Pipe support brackets are typically elements that are designed to transfer the load from the free pipes to stronger supporting structures like walls or beams. They have four major functions, to guide, anchor, support loads and absorb shock that may be experienced by the pipe. The brackets allow the pipe to carry out its main function without bulking under its own weight due to the fluid it carries and other more »

Soil Pipe Support Brackets to Meet Your Needs

Before you start to work on the pipes exiting your home, it’s good to distinguish between the different types of pipes and get the exact soil pipe support that you need. While pipes may all look the same – they certainly do – each of them has their own function and is used for a different task. Soil pipes are different from waste pipes – they carry waste from toilets or bidets to the sewer. They are built to a specific size so as to allow solid wastes to pass through clearly, and they are generally vented near the top of a building to allow any gases produced to safely more »

110mm Pipe Support for Use in the Pre-cast Concrete, Construction and Insulation sectors

We manufacture a range of own brand products including our 110mm pipe support for use in the pre-cast concrete, construction and insulation sectors. We celebrated our 50th anniversary in 2015 and over the years have grown from strength to strength. This has a lot to do with our reliable service and attention to detail. We are also very conscious of the fact that prices must be kept as low as possible in today’s global market. We have continued to invest in the latest machinery which gives us an edge in pricing, production and consistent quality. We have a large enough workforce to deal with both very large projects and one-off more »

Pipe Support Suited to Multiple Configurations

Regardless of what you run through pipe, your system is only as good as the pipe support. If that support needs to be suspended above ground level the right support brackets for the size and weight it must carry is essential. Each industry needs a reliable supply source to keep them stocked so there is no interruption in workflow due to supply shortages. Gordon Products has been manufacturing standard and custom pipe supports for over fifty years. Our focus has been the same as that of our customers; dependable quality supplies delivered on time at the right price. We achieve that goal through a management plan that eliminates waste to more »