Quality 90 Degree Pipe Support Brackets at Affordable Prices

At Gordon Products, we manufacture 90 degree pipe support brackets as one of our own brands of products.

Soil Pipe Support for Your Construction Needs

There are many pipes that carry water into your home and many that carry wastewater out again but soil pipe support is used on the water that carries wastewater.

Premium Quality Pipe Support for Your Building Project

An essential installation when laying the plumbing of a house is the pipe support.

Single Pipe Support for the Construction Industry

Our single pipe support bracket kit is ideal for the construction industry as we manufacture it to be used in different combinations.

Steel, Pre-galvanised, and High Carbon Wireforms to Meet Your Requirements

Does your business require wireforms? At Gordon Products, we’re the leading manufacturers of wire bending, wirework, CNC wireforms and all types of wire fabrications and assemblies.

Pipe Support Brackets for Construction, Insulation and Pre-cast Concrete Sectors.

At Gordon Products, we manufacture and supply pipe support brackets along with wire bending, wire forms and sheet metal components.

Wire Bending Services With a 100% Focus on Customer Satisfaction

To get premium quality wire bending services, get in touch with the specialists. Gordon Products is a well-established, reputed and reliable manufacturer and supplier of a comprehensive range of wire and sheet metal products. Our client base covers a range of industries including construction, insulation, furniture, healthcare, medical, marine, leisure, and art for both industrial and commercial applications. Our CNC wire forms, wire bending, wire fabrications, wire assemblies, wirework and wire components are available in 1-12 mm diameter. Clients can provide us with a sketch or drawing that describes the form and we can coordinate with you to manufacture the exact form according to your specifications. We are well known more »

110mm Pipe Support for Construction, Insulation and Precast Concrete Work

Gordon Products manufactures standard use products including 110mm pipe support most used in construction, insulation and precast concrete work. They are available in several sizes and types for all situations. Since a series of pipe supports serve the purpose of absorbing weight we manufacture them from pre-galvanized or zinc plated mild steel to specifications. We have support brackets for concrete T beams, 90-degree support brackets, bridge type brackets and block fixing brackets.  110mm pipe supports are essential products you need to be able to source easily and depend on their quality. Gordon Products can promise all that for the competitive price you need. We’re aware of the slender margin many more »

Top Quality Pipe Support to Meet Your Needs

If you are looking for top-quality pipe support, Gordon Products has what you need. This structure will ensure the integrity of the pipes, ensuring they stay free from harm by safely securing them to the structure they are attached to. Pipes are an important component in any sector, providing a pathway for water to pass through so that that water can be used in its various capacities. Whether placed underground or up against a building wall, pipes and pipe supports are manufactured complementary to each other, with different size and characteristic pipes requiring certain pipe supports that will work hand in hand with the characteristic of the pipe itself, including more »

Strong, Hardwearing, Top-quality Soil Pipe Support

For strong, hardwearing, top-quality soil pipe support, get in touch with Gordon Products. We offer a comprehensive range of pipe support brackets and accessories to meet all your requirements. Whether you’re a domestic or commercial customer, our highly-trained, experienced and dedicated team can give you the right advice and assistance. We are a 50+-year-old company, offering a diverse range of metal and wire form products, sheet metal products, welded frames, fixtures, assemblies, etc. Our client base includes sectors like construction, healthcare, insulation, furniture, marine, leisure, and more. No matter how big or small your requirement, we’re glad to help you with it. We offer end-to-end services, right from design and more »