Wire Bending Services

If what you need is wire bending services that are accurate and delivered on time then we at Gordon Products are at your service.

Wiring Components in Birkenhead

Gordon Products supplies wiring components in Birkenhead to manufacturers of countless products in every sector from construction to medical and leisure to emergency services.

CNC Wire Bending in Bolton

As one of the most highly regarded companies, we can offer CNC wire bending in Bolton.

Wire Bending in Cheshire

Services such as wire bending in Cheshire help many companies build unique products and machinery.

Sheet Metal Products in Preston

When you require top-quality sheet metal products in Preston, Gordon Products can custom-design, manufacture and supply them for you according to your specifications.

Looking for CNC Wire Bending in Sheffield

We manufacture component parts so if you are looking for CNC wire bending in Sheffield, then come to us.

Wire Forming in Birmingham

You have an idea for a product but getting it into production means finding a factory for wire forming in Birmingham.

Wire Form Manufacturers in Bristol

As wire form manufacturers in Bristol we at Gordon Products are hard pressed to think of an industry that doesn’t use CNC wire forms and a multitude of wire assemblies, components and fabrications in their own product manufacturing.

Need an Insulation Fastener in London?

If you need an insulation fastener in London we can supply you with as many as you require.

Wire Forming in London

We’re proud to announce that we are offering wire forming in London.