Looking for Quality 110mm Pipe Support?

Gordon Products manufactures and supplies 110mm pipe support among other wire forms and sheet metal components.

Pipe Support for Your Project Needs

All our pipe support components are manufactured from pre-galvanised mild steel, or mild steel/zinc plated.

First Class Pre-galvanised Mild Steel or Zinc Plated Mild Steel Soil Pipe Support

The soil pipe support we manufacture and stock ready for distribution at Gordon Products is a 90 Degree 110mm pipe support brackets and a single 110mm pipe support.

Expert Wire Bending Services for Your Specifications

Over our fifty plus years in business, our wire bending services have been dedicated to supplying our customers with the products they need.

Need Top Quality Pipe Support?

We manufacture a standard pipe support bracket kit for precast beams.

Top Quality Single Pipe Support for Your Building Needs

For single pipe support your company needs a supplier with consistently high standards that is reliable without fail and keeps their pricing competitive.

Wireforms to Meet Your Specific Requirements

If you are looking to cut your costs by using wireforms, then why not pay us a visit?

90 Degree Pipe Support Bracket Designed to Help Support the Load

The 90 degree pipe support bracket is designed to prevent stress, pipe sagging, and securely hold the pipe in place by securing it the I-beam under all but the most extreme circumstances.

Choose Quality 110mm Pipe Support for Your Specific Requirements

When you refuse to compromise on quality, choose top-rated 110mm pipe support from Gordon Products.

Top Quality Soil Pipe Support

There are many pipes that carry water into your home and many that carry waste water out again but soil pipe support is used on the water that carries soiled water from toilets, bidets and urinals.