Custom Wire Products, Expertly Manufactured for Your Business’ Needs

When you need custom wire products for manufacturing needs or to modify an existing product, count on Gordon Products.

Wire Parts, Expertly Designed and Manufactured Per Your Specifications

If you are looking for wire parts, you’ll be pleased to know that we are one of the most highly regarded companies for wire bending.

Wire Forms, Expertly Manufactured for Your Specific Industry Requirements

At Gordon Products, we manufacture wire forms into almost any shape or configuration you could imagine or need.

Looking for Top Quality Suspended Ceiling Hangers for Your Project?

A dropped ceiling or a suspended ceiling is a secondary ceiling hung below the main structural ceiling and is held by suspended ceiling hangers.

Bespoke Suspended Ceiling Hangers to Meet your Needs

If you need suspended ceiling hangers in large quantities we can supply you with as many as you require.

Steel, Pre-galvanised, and High Carbon Wireforms to Meet Your Requirements

Does your business require wireforms? At Gordon Products, we’re the leading manufacturers of wire bending, wirework, CNC wireforms and all types of wire fabrications and assemblies.

Wireforms for Any Application

Our CNC machines will make wireforms for any application. We can offer our customers innovative and unique products that will cut their costs. If you are using a product made from metal sheet we could be able to make the item from wire. This will cut the costs immediately and we are happy to help you design a replacement product. We will take a sample and rework it until it can efficiently replace the more costly item. Some of our wire products include clips, coils, display stands, fittings and fixings, hooks, baskets and welded wire fabrications. We service a wide range of industries including the agriculture, automotive and construction sectors. more »

Professionally Manufactured Wireforms to your Specifications

We manufacture component parts so if you need wireforms, rest assured we can assist. Wire is a wonderful material and is very versatile.  We use wire that ranges in diameter from 1mm to 12mm in a number of different materials. We offer items in stainless steel, bright mild steel, spring steel, copper and many other materials.  All we need from you is a drawing or a sketch and we will make prototypes for you to test. If you have a working sample we can duplicate it quickly and perfectly. We can run any number of them that you require from a small run of a hundred up to many thousands more »

Top Quality Individually Designed Wireforms

If you are looking for top quality, individually designed wireforms come to us. We have earned a reputation in design and production that rivals most other wire and metal form companies. We work in a number of different wire materials in sizes from 1mm to 12mm. The materials we use are generally suited to a specific industry but we use bright mild steel, stainless steel in a number of different grades, high tensile and spring steel as well as copper or phosphor bronze. Bring us your idea and we will design the item to your specification at a very reasonable cost. We offer a number of different finishes to your more »