Ceiling Clips, Perfectly Manufactured to Meet Your Requirements

ceiling clipsWhen your company depends on supplies of essentials like ceiling clips, you likely want a reliable supplier. Because your mind is on current jobs and securing your next jobs, you don’t want the aggravation and costly delays of running out of basics. Let’s say you are an independent contractor starting a new job. You are going to want ceiling clips for multiple tasks like a suspended ceiling, beam and block flooring system, and fixing ceiling battens to precast floors. The trucks should be stocked but your supply is yet to be delivered. This is not what you want to be thinking about today. Once you order your supplies, you just want them to be there when scheduled. The supplier always has an excuse for a delay and you can never count on them.

Maybe your supplier is too big and being behind in production is just business as normal to them. If you order ceiling clips, they tell you what you want to hear. Sure, they’ll have them delivered to you in two week; no problem. Set up a standing order with them and at some point your orders may overlap. Prices keep going up because their factory is bleeding money through inefficient management, late orders cancelled and waste that accompanies haste. We specialise in the manufacture of wire forms and sheet metal fixings. We design and manufacture products to suit but we also make our own brand of standard products like ceiling clips. Tell us how many you need and if you want ongoing deliveries. Your ceiling clips will be delivered on schedule at the lowest possible price.

We can make that promise of ceiling clips to you because we run a fat free operation. We’ve been in business for over 40 years and we are heartless about cutting out wasted time, space and materials. That saves us a lot of money and allows us to keep our prices down. We don’t promise what we can’t deliver. We know the volume of work we need to meet and we are always positioned to accomplish that. We don’t take additional orders and hope for the best. One place we never skimp is quality. Our ceiling clips are manufactured from galvanised mild steel with unique barbs for dependable retention. The plate is easily knocked into place and legs are bent just right for the batten. Contact Gordon Products. Start getting your quality parts on time.


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