Ceiling Hangers to Your Specifications with Prompt Turnaround Time

Ceiling HangersFor your supply of ceiling hangers, depend on Gordon Products. We supply to your specifications or from our own brand of standard products. Those of our customers in the construction and pre-cast concrete industries know they can count on us for prompt delivery of quality products and at the lowest possible price. Our company has been established for 55 years. We are a model for quality, efficiency and excellent customer service. However, we know that keeping prices from constantly inching up is critical for our customers. We never skimp on quality materials, design and operation talent or the latest in technology. Those are the components to efficiency.

Efficiency cuts the fat from operations like ours and is the main ingredient in low prices. But when your efficiency is interrupted due to delayed ceiling hangers, that cuts into your profits. So, at Gordon Products, when you order and we give you a delivery date, count on your order arriving as scheduled. We are conscientious about controlling the inflow of orders. Where others may promise your products on time and hope they can come close, we work to the deadline. We know how common the excuse of delayed deliveries has become. For many, it’s accepted as a valid excuse and never a surprise. We think that’s unfortunate because it’s costing everybody down the line.

While we do produce our own line of many products, including ceiling hangers, we also manufacture to your specifications. Your needs may be met with modifications to existing products or the design of a whole new product. We can meet those needs working from your designs or our designers can work with you to create a new product. Call our sales staff at Gordon Products and let’s discuss the stainless steel or galvanised steel products you need. We also welcome you to our facility so you will know you are dealing with a state of the art operation. There is no obligation. We can put a package together for you that will meet your ceiling hanger needs and delivered on time at the lowest possible price. We are always available to answer your question and offer solutions.


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