Choose Quality 110mm Pipe Support for Your Specific Requirements

110mm Pipe Support When you refuse to compromise on quality, choose top-rated 110mm pipe support from Gordon Products. We have more than 50 years’ experience in the manufacture and supply of premium quality pipe supports and pipe support brackets, lifting hooks, void ceiling clips for use in pre-cast beams and block floors, ceiling clips, and pigtail screws for fixing insulation materials. These are used in pre-cast concrete, construction and insulation sectors. Being a local business, we have strong ties in the community and can understand the needs, preferences and price structures that work here. That’s why most of our business comes to us via word of mouth recommendations from our generations of satisfied clients. We provide our clients with access to the best of international trends, materials and products along with the extra personalised touch.

Pipe supports or pipe hangers are devices that transfer the load of a pipe on to the supporting structures. This load, carried by the 110mm pipe support, includes the basic weight of the pipe, the contents that are carried inside, fittings attached to the pipe, any coverings or insulation that is used to hide or insulate the pipe. Thus the pipe support helps to anchor, support, guide and absorb shock forces. These supports have to withstand fluctuating weather conditions, and their efficiency depends on how good the quality and manufacturing processes are. There are different types of supports. They include rigid supports, spring supports and shock absorbing supports. These supports are manufactured from a variety of different materials. For instance, pipe supports are manufactured from structural steel, carbon steel, stainless or galvanized steel, aluminium, ductile iron, and FRP composites. These supports must be coated with weather-proof coverings to prevent rust and corrosion. Zinc or hot dip galvanizing are the common coatings used.

While selecting 110mm pipe support, it’s important to pay attention to certain aspects. These include parameters like process design conditions, construction material used for the pipe, expected load, insulating materials to be used, thermal forces and unexpected forces like seismic or wind loads. Anchors, guides, line stops and rests must be designed after a detailed load plan is available. Contact us for more information about our 110mm pipe support. You can rely on our quality.


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