CNC Wire Bending in Birkenhead

CNC Wire Bending in BirkenheadCNC wire bending in Birkenhead is one of our many specialities. There are so many different applications for small wire objects that are made to facilitate other industries. We manufacture components for agricultural machinery and the automotive industry. Many of our products are found in engineering companies and construction projects. There are very few industrial sectors that do not use our goods. Each item that we make is usually unique to a customer who designs his own wire form. These can be finished in a wide range of different ways. We offer powder and plastic coating or anodising. Different finishes are required for the end use of the item.

When you need a special part made for your manufacturing business in Birkenhead, CNC wire bending can facilitate the design and production of as many pieces as you may need. We can offer small batch runs or large volume manufacture with many thousands of items produced. We use a number of different materials according to the customer’s specifications. Our wire is available in bright mild steel, pre-galvanised or high tensile. We use stainless steel wire in 302, 304 and 312 grades. We also use spring steel for some of our items. We can offer objects in copper and bronze as well. Whatever your requirement, if it is made by wire bending we can accommodate your every design.

CNC wire bending in Birkenhead can make any shape of item in wire from 1mm to 12mm. Contact Gordon Products today and our technicians will manufacture a few samples so that you can check them in your production line. Once you have perfected the design we will make as many thousand copies as you need. We have over 50 years in the business and our commitment to customer satisfaction is paramount. We take great pride in our reliable service and attention to detail in all the projects we carry out. We keep our products as affordable as possible in today’s global market place.


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