CNC Wire Bending in London

CNC Wire Bending in LondonEver heard of CNC wire bending in London? Well, it has no relation to the earth and metal bending of Avatar fame. Bending wire is a lot less sinister than it sounds. If anything, it’s probably closer to making metal balloon animals than it is to supernatural telekinesis. Basically, wire bending is the process that is used to create products like safety pins, paper clips, hair ornaments, wire sculptures, and other items that are made by shaping metal. At commercial levels, the bending is done by hi-tech machinery. Gordon Products can bend and work wire, but it can also make items out of sheet metal.

Since we have a stockade of equipment in London, CNC wire bending is a regular part of our routine. We have almost ten different machine grades, each with multiple axes. Between them, we can efficiently bend any kind of wire. Our bending range includes wire diameters of 1mm to 14mm. We also have machinery that can punch, press, and weld metal sheets. We can work with a wide variety of materials including stainless steel, bronze, phosphor, copper, and carbon. While we do have templates such as spring configurations and lifting hooks, we can also bend wire in bespoke fashion. Just give us your sketch, design, or concept and we can bend it into shape.

Our work doesn’t stop with CNC wire bending in London. If you’d like to use individual wire pieces to make a bigger product, we can handle that too. We can weld your piece together and give it an attractive finish. Our options include plastic and powder coating, galvanising, zinc plating, electro-polishing, and anodising. Contact us today if you need wire bending completed. We run the whole gamut of steel and wire accessories. We make wire baskets, the coiled springy bits in things like ball-point pens, agricultural implements, vehicle parts, and much more. If it’s metal and it’s ductile, we can make it into something strong, functional, ad beautiful. So if you were wondering where to go for a customised line of paper clips and hair pins, get in touch with Gordon Products today.


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