Custom Designed and Manufactured 90 Degree Pipe Support Brackets

90 Degree Pipe Support Bracket90 Degree Pipe Support Brackets are among our standard bracket products readily available at Gordon Products. We also supply T bar brackets for beams built into the floor structure; Bridge brackets laterally adjustable to support concrete T beams; Block Fixing Brackets for concrete block floors; Pipe Support Brackets for the support of soil pipes from concrete T beams in different sizes. Our 90 degree bracket assembly supports 90 degree sections from T beams and is available for beams 155 deep, 175 deep and 225 deep. The use is recommended by The National House Building Council, (NHBC). The assembly includes M8 studding to adjust fall.

The 90 degree bracket assembly kit includes 2 each of beam brackets, pipe clamp bracket, M8 BZP 30 mm bolts and 1 each of twist bracket plate, 100mm MZP bolt and 333mm M8 BZP stud and 11 M8 BZP nuts. All of our support brackets, 90 degree included are manufactured from pre-galvanised mild steel or zinc plated mild steel. Our products are produced uniformly and to standard, so you get the same performance every time. We can guarantee the quality of our products and the reliability of timely delivery. All of that is important to clients but they also need a consistent price that beats the competition. At Gordon Products we consistently keep our prices down without sacrificing quality and customer service.

Our 90 degree pipe support brackets, like all other standard products, are custom designed and manufactured components at competitive prices result from our management style. We run a tight ship and have done so for over fifty years. There is no waste in material or labour and we avoid crisis management with good planning. That’s how we meet our deadlines and why our construction clients know they can depend on us to meet their need for pipe support brackets. Contact Gordon Products and tell us what you need. If what you need does not exist then we’ll design and manufacture the product to meet your specific requirements. We supply a broad range of industries including building, medical, agriculture, industrial and more. Count on us.


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