Custom Wire Products, Expertly Manufactured for Your Business’ Needs

custom wire productsWhen you need custom wire products for manufacturing needs or to modify an existing product, count on Gordon Products. We manufacture our own commonly used standard wire products but custom work is a large part of our business. We have designers and engineers on-site to work with you if you need help with the design. If you know exactly what you want, give us a drawing and we’ll manufacture it to your exact specifications. For over 50 years Gordon Products has been supplying every major industry with standard and custom-designed wire forms. It may be that you want a complex product. We can manufacture the wire components, weld as designed and finished with a powder coat.

We work efficiently at Gordon Products to keep production high and cost low. Your custom wire product orders are delivered to you on schedule; you can count on that. We supply CNC wire forms, wire assemblies and fabrications of all kinds. We work in multiple metals including stainless steel, copper, bronze, pe-galvanised, bright mild steel, high tensile and more. Our CNC machines are state of the art. We do not skimp on technology when it improves our production time and work quality. Neither do we skimp on attentive customer service. Those are the values that have secured our success. We respect our customers’ need to have a reliable supply of products at a price that will leave them profitable.

When you order custom wire products from Gordon Products, we can accommodate you with varying manufacturing services. You may want to start with a small sample production. Then, based on need we can manufacture small runs and just as easily handle large runs. Contact Gordon Products, and our sales department and/or design staff will gladly answer any of your questions, offer the assurances you need and development input where requested. You will find our products meet a very high standard. That means your products will also meet the high standards your customers expect. Is there anything worse than having supplies arrive late and upon opening the box finding the wrong wire forms inside? That’s not likely to happen when you do business with Gordon Products.


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