Different Sized 90 Degree Pipe Support Brackets to Suit Different Beam Profiles

90 Degree Pipe Support BracketThere are several components that get overlooked during the construction of buildings such as 90 degree pipe support brackets. These components are vital supporting features that hold a structure together and optimise the function of key elements of the building. Pipe support brackets are typically elements that are designed to transfer the load from the free pipes to stronger supporting structures like walls or beams. They have four major functions, to guide, anchor, support loads and absorb shock that may be experienced by the pipe. The brackets allow the pipe to carry out its main function without bulking under its own weight due to the fluid it carries and other attachments.

Depending on the ambient conditions and designation of the pipes, the 90 degree pipe support brackets may be used to affix insulation on the pipe. Insulation is necessary to minimise a body’s changes in temperature due to the environment. Some pipes convey fluids that need to remain hot while others need to remain cold. In both cases, insulation material needs to be firmly fixed to the pipe in the most sensitive sections. 90 degree supports are designed to guide pipes around bends and make sure they maintain their optimal shape so as not to block the flow of fluid or create bottlenecks. Our company makes strong durable support brackets from pre-galvanized or zinc plated mild steel that last for years.

Established in 1965, ours is one of the longest standing metal products companies in the North West. We have been making 90 degree pipe support brackets for decades and have a long list of happy customers to prove our competence. To make your work easier, our brackets are sold as complete kits with the appropriate bolts, clamps, nuts and bracket plates.  Contact Gordon Products today for a full quote on our range of construction components. Since we manufacture all the components ourselves, you can be sure that our prices are the best in the market.


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