Essential 110mm Pipe Support for Your Project

110 mm Pipe SupportFor a comprehensive selection of 110mm pipe supports, get in touch with Gordon Products. We have more than fifty years’ experience in design, manufacturing and supply of various metal components, wire forms and standard products like pipe supports, ceiling clips, screws and lifting hooks. Our client base extends across several diverse industries like construction, insulation, leisure, music and art, healthcare, and engineering. Customers can get the product of their choice manufactured to their exact specifications, no matter how big or small your requirement. Our team of highly trained, experienced and dedicated professionals can give you the right advice and assistance.

110mm pipe supports are an essential part of many industrial buildings. They are required to prevent stress on pipes, leakages in flanges/ joints, reduce vibration and movement, prevent misalignment or displacement due to seismic factors and accidental shifting of position, reduce the effects of exposure to sunlight and extreme weather conditions, and to limit the thermal expansion. Pipes are required to transport liquids in or out of the building. The supports must be able to absorb shock, guide and support the load and anchor the pipe to the building. A well-designed pipe support configuration helps to also deal with a certain permissible excess over the load limits. Pipe supports are designed to transfer the load from the pipe to the supporting structure, so they have to be strong, long-lasting and appropriate for the task. The load consists of the weight of the pipe itself, its contents, the fittings and insulation or coverings.

The 110mm pipe support is used generally to support waste and soil pipes. They’re installed outside buildings and hence have to be professionally fixed according to the architect/building contractor’s specifications. The slope and incline have to be carefully calculated. Pipe supports are made from tough, weather-resistant and long lasting materials like structural, carbon or stainless steel, ductile iron, galvanized aluminium or FRP composites. They are also coated with various materials to prevent damage due to corrosion and moisture. For more details about our 110mm pipe support, contact Gordon Products. All our products are manufactured according to the best British Standards.


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