Excellent Quality Insulation Fixings for Your Project

insulation fixingsIf you need a steady reliable supply of insulation fixings at the lowest possible price, Gordon Products is the supplier for you. We have had a half-century and then some to perfect our design and manufacturing business and we’ve got it just right. We manufacture and supply wire bending, wire forms, and pressed steel fixings. That includes insulation fixings for the concrete and insulation industries along with a wide selection of other components. We have sustained our presence as a leader in our industry by giving our customers the three things they need the most; quality products, lowest possible prices and on-time delivery. That doesn’t sound like too much to ask. As a supplier, we can only promise that kind of service through precise planning throughout our operations with a commitment to follow through.

We control quality, supply and pricing for our customers by controlling our workplace operations and our raw material supplies. Insulation fixings that we manufacture and supply are from dependable quality materials. We do not hesitate to invest in the latest, most efficient and effective machines and equipment. Maintaining the highest standard of ongoing training for staff results in painless quality control. Our workforce, from sales staff to designers, to the manufacturing team, the packers and shippers do not fluctuate much. We have found the perfect sized workforce to produce a consistent quantity of products carefully scheduled for on-time delivery.

When we manufacture your insulation fixings we are working lean. Employees know we expect efficiency from all. That is the only way we can keep our own costs down while maintaining quality, and offer our customers a price that will leave them an acceptable margin of profit. No excuses; the shipment goes out on schedule. Contact Gordon Products for assistance with insulation fixings. We’re friendly, professional and well versed in quoting costs and delivery dates. Some of our products are standard to our own company and we maintain an ongoing stock of those in highest demand. You can always set the volume of products ordered to suit your needs and budget. We’ll do our part to make sure you get the best possible price.


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