Experienced Sheet Metal Component Manufacturer Available to Assist

Sheet Metal Component Manufacturer When your company is looking for a sheet metal component manufacturer, we at Gordon Products guarantee to meet your requirements. We don’t promise what can’t be done. We do promise to provide you with exactly the components you request, made to your specifications at the lowest possible price. Your order will be delivered on time, no excuses. We promise this because it can be done cost-effectively with our state of the art equipment. We run our company efficiently and to us, that means the best equipment and machines available. Accuracy is best achieved with the latest innovations. We have top-notch welders to create assemblies if required. Our capabilities extend to all sheet metal work and wire components.

If you need help designing the component you need, we have excellent designers on staff to help you out. However, if you have a sketch of your sheet metal component, manufacturer Gordon Products will produce it exactly. We supply sheet metal components for almost every industry, including boat building, automotive, electronics, precast concrete, railroad, office furnishings and more. We work in high-quality materials including mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium. We also manage bright, black bar and rolled sections. We can do runs according to your needs; small, medium or large. The efficiency with which we manufacture products is key to our low prices.

We have been an established sheet metal component manufacturer for 55 years as well as wire components and fabrication. Our capabilities for CNC sheet metal working will meet your demands. We know and understand that your production depends on timely delivery of your components. At Gordon Products, we are very conscientious about keeping to a delivery schedule. We guarantee full customer satisfaction on all fronts. If you are in the market call us and tell us about your sheet metal component requirements. We’ll quote you a price you can count on remaining stable and a delivery date you can realistically count on. We come highly recommended. You’ll find that your sheet metal components are no longer a reason for concern while getting your products assembled and shipped on time.


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