Expert Wire Bending Services for Your Specifications

wire bending servicesOver our fifty plus years in business, our wire bending services have been dedicated to supplying our customers with the products they need. Our goal for each order is to go above and beyond meeting the product need to include meeting deadlines efficiently and personalised customer service all at a fair price. We are a frugal company which is how we keep our products in a price range acceptable to our clients. But we never skimp on new technology that will improve our products and production time or employee training to implement the new technology. With 50 employees we’re considered a small company which is okay. It allows us to personalise our customer service.

However, our production output and dependability exceeds that of much larger companies because of efficient management and operation standards. Our state-of-the-art CNC equipment has flexible capabilities for any wire bending procedure your product calls for. If you need a new product fabricated show us the design or a sketch and we’ll set our machines to the necessary specifications. We have designers on staff that can help you design the product you need to get the job done. You may need wire bending components assembled and we can do that for you with your choice of finish. Your wire bending forms can be anywhere from 1mm to 12mm and we work in a broad range of materials including pre-galvanised, high tensile, stainless steel, copper and more.

Gordon Products knows what you need in wire bending services to compete in a global market. We are fully equipped to manage large runs and bring them in on deadline but we’re just as conscientious about one time or small runs. We are the company you can depend on to come through when you have a short notice order. We’re committed to customer satisfaction and we know that includes offering our services at prices that allow you to have a competitive edge. Contact Gordon Products when you need wore bending services. We have generations of knowledge and experience ready to go to work for you. We supply all areas of construction, manufacturing, medical implements and our services include wire forms, fabrication and wire products. 


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