Expertly Manufactured Void Forming Ceiling Clips for Your Construction Project

Void forming ceiling clipsSource all your requirements for void forming ceiling clips from Gordon Products. We are a well-established firm that designs, manufactures and supplies wire forms, wire components, wire bending and sheet metal products and components. We also manufacture a comprehensive range of own-brand standard products that can be used in the construction, pre-cast concrete and insulation industries. We have invested in training people and in using state of the art CNC wire bending machinery, CNC pressing, folding and punching equipment etc. As a result, we are able to offer cost-effective, efficient and modern solutions, creative design inputs and new problem solving applications to our clients. This forms the basis of our work ethic that has sustained our business over the past fifty plus years.

Void forms are used in the construction business where expansive soil is present. They provide temporary structural support for walls, floors and ceilings till the concrete becomes set and is able to be self-supporting on its drilled piers, intermittent footings or other concrete work. They are generally made of corrugated paper or cardboard and are also known as “carton forms.” They create an empty space between the concrete and the soil so that there is an isolation between the two. Once the concrete has set, the void form absorbs the ground moisture and loses its firmness and strength, leaving a safe space into which the soil can expand. Another typical use for void forming clips is to secure the space between the roof and the ceiling for the running of wires, or pipes, for utilities.

We have a comprehensive range of void forming ceiling clips to match your requirements, preferences and budget. For more details, please feel free to contact Gordon Products. Our Uniclip ceiling range can be used with pre-cast beam and block flooring systems. They are extremely easy to fix and knock in. Typically, these clips are used to attach battens to concrete T-beams. They create a void for running of services and make it easy when repairs or replacements are required. These clips are available in a range of convenient sizes to match different beam profiles and void depth requirements.


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