Expertly Manufactured Wireforms for your Needs

wireformsGordon Products continues investing in equipment to better serve our wireforms customers. The latest is Butler TBE 60 NC Multislide for volume production in chamfering, doming, and thread cutting up to M8. Our wire form machines allow lower cost mass production of wire forms that are accurate according to design with short lead times using the correct tooling.  Correct tooling means the the wire form is bent correctly according to desired design. Since 1965, Gordon Products has mass produced a selection of commonly used wire forms for almost every industry. That allows us to meet our customers demands quickly. However, we have the capability to design a custom product for you and tool a machine to produce any quantity you want. We can work from your design or sketch as well.

A manufacturer needs the right wire form to maintain production efficiency. Wire forms are so versatile they are used in almost every industry. The wire forms themselves are manufactured from spools of wire that can take any desired form. The CNC machine creates the pressure to create the right shape for a specific purpose. The machines are tooled to bend, wind, coil and cut in any imaginable way. Gordon Products understands the manufacturers need for a reliable source of wire forms at a competitive price. Our business focus is to make that happen through a management style of efficiency that isn’t new but seldom seen today. We don’t waste manpower or materials but we don’t skimp on talented employees or quality materials.

The wireforms we manufacture are worked using stainless steel, bright mild steel, high tensile or soft steel, copper, phosphor bronze and pre-galvanised. You see our work in your home, your garden, the buildings you work in, the medical clinics you visit and the stores you shop in. We are in the cars you drive and in the fittings, fixings and hooks that are not visible in many products such as electronics. We manage our size so even as business increases we do not sacrifice dependable customer service or quality. For wire forms when you need them, contact Gordon Products and we will quote you a price for our standard wire forms or work with you to create the wireform you need.


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