First Class Pre-galvanised Mild Steel 110 mm Pipe Support

110 mm Pipe SupportThe 110mm pipe support is a designed element that transfers the load from the pipe to the support structures. The load includes the weight of the pipe, the contents it carries, all the pipe fittings attached to the pipe and any pipe covering such as insulation. The four main functions of a pipe support are to anchor the pipe in place, guide the pipe, absorb any shock to the pipe and support a specific load. Pipe support design configuration is dependent on the load and operating conditions. Our 110mm pipe support is manufactured from pre-galvanised mild steel BS EN 10326:2004 or mild steel / zinc plated BS EN ISO898 / ISO4042

The 110mm pipe support comes complete with 2 beam brackets, a 110mm pipe clamp bracket, a 30mm M8 BZP bolt, a 100mm M8 BZP bolt, a 333mm M8 BZP bolt and 8 M8 BZP nuts. It can be configured in a number of different ways depending on the use. It has been designed to be used with M8 x 100mm bolts secured with 3 nuts which fixes the position of the bracket securely around the beam. The pipe bracket can be rotated through 360 degrees. The drop range is from around 160mm to 450mm and the stud can simply be cut to length. We supply three different sizes for precast beams of 155mm deep beam, 17mm deep beam and 225mm deep beam.

We have recently celebrated our 50th birthday and take pride in our reliable service and in the quality of our products including the 110mm pipe support. We have grown to support a diverse range of industries with wire products, wire form parts, sheet metal products, fixtures and assemblies. Contact Gordon Products today to order our cost effective products or let us manufacture specific parts for your products. We have invested in the latest machinery which allows us to guarantee consistent quality and precision in our products. We supply items to the construction industry, furniture manufacturers, the healthcare sector, marine and leisure industry and many other industrial and engineering applications.


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