First Class Pre-galvanised Mild Steel or Zinc Plated Mild Steel Soil Pipe Support

Pipe SupportThe soil pipe support we manufacture and stock ready for distribution at Gordon Products is a 90 Degree 110mm pipe support brackets and a single 110mm pipe support. These are the ideal size although some waste drain pipes are smaller; about 77mm, the 110mm will carry twice the waste of  77mm and be less likely to clog. That’s the size most of our contracting suppliers want. The single pipe brackets will fit 155, 175 and 225 deep beams. The brackets and components are all manufactured from pre-galvanised mild steel or zinc plated mild steel. The kit contains two beam brackets, clamps, bolts and nuts. You can call to order a supply of our soil pipe supports or order direct online.

Compare our prices and quality and we think you’ll find Gordon Products are your best buy. The quality and value is what you want because when it comes to pipe support, soil pipe supports must meet standards you can depend on. At Gordon Products, we’ve been manufacturing and supplying sheet metal components, wire bending and wire forms for 50 years. Along with that we manufacture our own brand of products standard to concrete, construction and insulation industries. Among them is our soil pipe supports. Still, we can meet your need for custom made products just as easily if you need something other than standard. We walk a fine line but you can depend on our products meeting or exceeding your standards at prices that fit within your budget.

Whether its soil pipe supports or other products we at Gordon Products are clear that quality and price are first but guaranteed on time product delivery is essential as well. You can count on us, even with short notice. Our customer service standards have served us well over our many years in business. We give you what you want, when you want it at the right price; count on it. Contact us and tell us what kind of quantities you need and how often. We can provide one off orders or ongoing stock replenishment for you. We run a tight ship here at Gordon Products and we don’t take on more than we can deliver and then make excuses. Count on us to deliver.


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