High Quality Lifting Hooks for Precast Concrete and Construction Industries

lifting hooksDoes your company need an ongoing reliable supply of lifting hooks in your precast concrete and construction industries? At Gordon Products we are specialist manufacturers of wire and sheet metal fittings and have been for fifty-five years. Our company offers high quality products for a wide range of construction and manufacturing industries throughout the country. Our longevity in the manufacture and supply of wire bending, wire forms and sheet metal components has been deliberate and well planned. We operate our business efficiently, develop and manufacture high quality products delivered on time to our customers at the lowest possible price. We keep our costs down by eliminating waste without sacrificing quality or customer service. That helps us keep our prices down for our customers.

Lifting hooks is one of our standard products of which we maintain a supply to meet the demand. We use high carbon spring wire and offer Clip-on Lifting Hooks which securely clips to 5 and 7 mm diameter prestressing wires and 9.3mm strand. Our Cross Over lifting hooks allow for greater lifting force applied further down the mould and Push-In Lifting Hooks easily insert into poured concrete. Dependable supplies are delivered to our customers on a regularly contracted bases or as ordered. We put investment in new proven technologies at the very top of our list. We always grasp the opportunity to move forward with better and faster production because we want the best for our customers. Innovation keeps production and quality up and costs down.

At Gordon Products, whether it’s lifting hooks or others of our standard products, you can count on us to have the best quality and prices. Our capabilities include CNC Wire forming that is  state of the art machinery and the finest in CNC sheet metal working machinery as well. If what you need does not yet exist, show us your sketch or explain the component you need and what you need it to do. We’ll have our designers work with you to bring about exactly what you need to get your job done. Contact Gordon Products and let our team supply what you need. Whether it’s one of the many products that are standard, special order or design and manufacture, we’ll work closely to make sure you’re satisfied.


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