Lifting Hooks to Suit Different Stressing Wire Configurations

Lifting HooksIf you need top-quality lifting hooks, consult Gordon Products. We have been in business for over half a century providing a wide range of wire products, sheet metal products, welded frames, fixtures and assemblies. We serve different sectors including construction, furniture, insulation, healthcare and engineering. Our reliability and commitment to deliver top quality products makes us the top selection for many clients. The products you make are only as good as the method used to make them. Over the years we have invested in modern machinery to guarantee consistent quality on all our products. Moreover, the application of modern processes and top quality raw materials ensure we make the best products in the market.

Strength and durability are key when it comes to lifting hooks. The hooks take on the weight of heavy loads and make lifting simpler. A safety latch is installed on the hooks to prevent disengagement of the lifting cable. For maximum safety, lifting hooks are subjected to thorough tests of strength to qualify for use. Our lifting hooks are designed to meet all construction standards. They are safe for application in an array of industries. We manufacture lifting hooks for concrete slabs. The hooks are made from industrial grade high carbon spring wire. They come in different designs and are cast in during the manufacture of pre-cast concrete T-beams. Clip-on lifting hooks securely hook to the pre-stressing wires of 5 and 7mm diameter and 9.3mm strand. Cross-over lifting hooks allow the lifting force to be applied further down in the mould while push-in lifting hooks are easy to insert.

Gordon Products supply high quality lifting hooks at affordable rates. Our lifting hooks are tested for both weight and pressure resistance and provide the solution you need for lifting concrete slabs. We offer sound advice on the best lifting hooks for your specific applications. If you want reliable, durable products, we are your trusted supplier. Contact Gordon Products today and get the best of the best. We take pride in the unparalleled responsiveness of our team and our commitment to provide the best products. We are all about getting the details right and getting the best price.


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