Looking for a 90 Degree Pipe Support Bracket for Your Project

90 Degree Pipe Support BracketThere is a lot resting on our 90 degree pipe support bracket in the construction industries. At Gordon Products, we have been supplying wire forms to just about every industry for over 50 years. We’ve learned and implemented the secrets to providing reliable and personal service and top quality products while keeping prices low. That is not an easy accomplishment in our global markets but we remain dedicated. We are able to do that and remain flexible so our customers can depend on us to manufacture custom designs and supply their desired quantity on schedule.We have departments dedicated to creating the wire product that is the solution to the customers dilemma. 

We believe in spending money to make money when the investment is in the latest technology and machinery to move our company forward. Whether for 90 degree pipe support bracket and other wire formed parts, fixtures, welded frames, assemblies or sheet metal products we depend on modern equipment for improved production. We run a tight ship to protect our own and our customers profit margins. To that end, we manufacture our own brand of frequently requested standard products used in large quantities in the construction and concrete sectors. We were willing to invest in updated equipment and the latest CAD capabilities which reduces the customers cost for sheet metal components while maintaining the superior quality.

Our 90 degree pipe support bracket is one of our standard wire form components with sheet metal fasteners for strength. This galvanized steel product is heavily used to support 110mm service pipes hanging from precast beams and block floors. They’re adjustable for height and rotation, suitable for soil and waste pipes. We make ordering and pricing easy. Contact Gordon Products and speak with our sales representatives or you can order directly through our website. If you are looking for a reliable supplier, consider the experience and capabilities of Gordon Products with our reputation of individual customer attention and low prices. We welcome you to our manufacturing site where you will see first-hand our capabilities to fulfil any size order with efficiency. We always have time to hear our customers concerns.


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