Looking for a Wire Form Manufacturer in Glasgow

Looking for a Wire Form Manufacturer in GlasgowYou may be looking for a wire form manufacturer in Glasgow as you need a specialty hook for your new product. We think you’ll find Gordon Products the most reliable and responsive to your needs. We are located in the North West where we have built an excellent reputation for manufacturing wire form products for diverse industries. We have been in business for over 50 years and we attribute our success to a willingness to embrace change and new innovations. If you have a dilemma with a product and need a wire form tell us. We may already have what you need in our own line of products. If not, we will put our designers on it. We don’t stop until you have what you want.

What we can do for you at Gordon Products covers the total range of manufacturer services. Those in Glasgow looking for a wire form manufacturer can expect our help for design if needed. Or we can work from your sketch to development of the product. We’ll do a sample production run for your approval. Then we will do a full production run of the batch size you want. We can do small batches or large volume in a range of finishes from plastic or powder coating to hot-dip galvanising, anodising or zinc plating.  If you want the component welded into an assembly, we can do that. The process we use for wire form is Computer Numerical Control (CNC) in diameters from 1-12 mm. Choose most any selection of steel material.

No matter what industry you work in, when looking for a wire form manufacturer in Glasgow, count on our team at Gordon Products. Likely we have worked within your industry before ranging from agriculture to medical and everything in between. Contact Gordon Products and you find that we are large enough to undertake the largest of manufacturing orders consistently or just do an occasional small run. We are also small enough to give your project personal attention with guaranteed satisfaction. Over the last 50 years we have fine tuned our operation to the highest efficiency.  Therefore our prices are generally lower than you might find elsewhere.


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