Looking for Quality 110mm Pipe Support?

110 mm pipe supportGordon Products manufactures and supplies 110mm pipe support among other wire forms and sheet metal components. Having been in business for just over 50 years, we have remained true to our commitment to customer satisfaction and our work attitude. With the world continuously changing, we like to keep some things constant, such as our timely response, reliable service and attention to detail. We like to provide our services at prices that are just right for our customers while also keeping up with today’s global marketplace. We like to invest in our craft, and that is why using the latest machinery in order to produce our products is no issue for us. It makes for cost-effective production while also ensuring the quality of our products is not compromised. We have grown to provide and support wire products to a wide range of industries and companies, such as the construction and marine industries.

At Gordon Products, we manufacture a variety of own-branded products for use in pre-cast concrete, construction and insulation sectors. 110mm pipe support comes in two forms, the 90 degree support brackets and the single support. The brackets are used for hanging service pipes below precast beam and block floors. The pipes are attached to the beams by clamping with our supports being adjustable for height and rotation. They are available for all sizes of precast concrete T beams as well. The single support is perfect for the construction industries. Our spiral screws are used to fix into place mineral fibre boards as well as other insulation materials used in fire protection of structural steelwork and ducting. Our team can help you better understand which type of support will be best suited where and proceed to manufacture and install them according to your requirements.

If you need 110mm pipe support, Gordon Products is happy to be of service. Contact us today and we’ll provide you with quality products tailored to your specifications. With our staff of approximately 50 people, you’re always bound to find someone that will respond to your needs. We’re happy to offer any advice needed as well.


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