Looking for Sheet Metal Components in Chester?

Sheet Metal Components in ChesterAre you searching for a supplier of sheet metal components in Chester? Sheet metal is formed via industrial processes into flat pieces. It is a form used in metal working. Many everyday objects are manufactured from sheet metal. In addition, different metals can also be used such as brass, copper, aluminum, nickel, tin, steel and titanium. If the sheet metal is needed for decorative purposes, then gold, silver or platinum may be used.

If your business is located in Chester, sheet metal components may be purchased from Gordon Products. Our company specialises in produces a variety of different sheet metal components using pressing, folding, CNC punching,  which are further complemented by facilities such as fabrication, spot welding and light manufacturing. We have recently invested in the latest CNC punching technology which will enhance our capabilities and provide sheet metal components at cost-effective prices. Our factory can accommodate all sizes of batch runs and materials including coil and sheet in mild steel, aluminum and stainless steel. Some of the products we produce include pressed steel fixings for the pre-cast concrete and insulation industries, decorating and painting accessories, aluminum brackets, boat building fixtures, fabricated jigs, automotive seating assembles, office furniture components and durable infrastructure components to name a few. The secret behind our success lies in the fact that we’re committed to supplying quality products for the right price and delivering them at the right time. With more than fifty years in the sheet metal fabrication industry, there are no challenges out there that we cannot face. Our products speak for themselves. They’re used in a diverse array of industries such as medicine, healthcare, engineering applications, insulation, construction, marine services and furniture manufacturing.

If your company requires specialist metal parts, you need to contact a company that manufactures sheet metal components in Chester. Give Gordon Products a call today to discuss your requirements. You’ll be glad you did!


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