Looking for Top Quality Suspended Ceiling Hangers for Your Project?

Suspended Ceiling Hangers A dropped ceiling or a suspended ceiling is a secondary ceiling hung below the main structural ceiling and is held by suspended ceiling hangers. It’s a modern design in architecture popular in commercial and residential buildings. Several factors contribute to the popularity of the ceiling. Aesthetically, a hanging ceiling offers a unique design. There are a plethora of options in material, size and colour available for hanging ceilings. The designs can be customized to achieve specific visual effects, textures and patterns. Aside from looking good, suspended ceilings serve practical functions. They improve the acoustics of space by absorbing sound. The ceiling also provides room to run plumbing installations and house electrical fittings. Suspended ceilings improve the ventilation of a building and offer good thermal control. They have a better return on investment when compared to open ceilings since they reduce the need for installation of tiles and use inexpensive recyclable materials

The installation of a suspended ceiling is simple. All you need are suspended ceiling hangers, large gauge ceiling wires and working tools. Drop ceilings are tightly secured on the main ceiling with the ceiling wires and suspended ceiling hooks. Despite an irregular structural ceiling, the drop ceiling can assume a level configuration adding to its aesthetic appeal. The hooks are specially designed to take on the weight of the ceiling and also tightly secure the installation on the structural ceiling. On the other hand, the ceiling wires give the suspended ceiling its name. The wires suspend the installation of the structural ceiling. Considering their function, the wires are designed from strong materials that can also withstand the weight of the suspended ceiling

Since the installation of hanging ceilings relies on high-performance products, it’s important to acquire top quality suspended ceiling hangers. At Gordon Products we are revered for offering reliable metal sheets and wire products. We design quality ceiling hangers that perform exceptionally well on all installations. All our products meet industry standards and do not disappoint. Contact us today for the best-suspended ceiling hangers. If it’s quality ceiling hangers you need, Gordon Products has you covered.


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