Looking for Top Quality Uniclip Ceiling Clip Range? Contact the Experts

Uniclip Ceiling Clip RangeOrder your uniclip ceiling clip range from Gordon Products and receive the finest customer service at the lowest possible price. We have been in business for over fifty years and achieved a reputation for fine quality workmanship serving many industries, including industrial, construction, medical and more with our products. We supply wire products, fixtures and assemblies, welded frames and sheet metal products to specification and on schedule. We operate a tight ship but we never skimp on new more productive tools, machines or employee education and training. If what you need does not exist, we have a design team adept at creating new designs and modifying existing ones.

We are specialists in the manufacture of wire forms for the construction and concrete industries. We manufacture standard products under our own brand including the uniclip ceiling clip range. This product is used as a sub structural component for fixing ceiling battens to precast concrete floors with beam and block systems. Our product is unique as we’ve added barbs as an aid to better retention. You can gain temporary support by bending the legs around the battens. Our standard dimensions or 145mm O/A, 195mm O/A and 225mm O/A are made from 0.7mm to 0.8mm galvanised mild steel. Fixing after the floor has been grouted is advised however we recommended fixing before grouting.

When determining the quantity of uniclip ceiling clip range, we find the average is 4-5 clips for each meter. Contact Gordon Products and speak with our sales staff about your product needs. We can supply you with the amount and frequency you require. You can count on dependable on-time deliveries and no excuses. We don’t promise what we can’t deliver just to get your business. We want your business and we want to keep our customers happy. We are well organised so we’re not taken by surprise. Our production schedule to meet all of our customers’ needs is carefully laid out. That organisation is a critical component in keeping our prices as low as possible which is another important way we keep our customers happy.


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