Looking for Top-Quality Wire Bending Services?

Wire bending servicesAre you looking for top-quality wire bending services? At Gordon Products, we are proud of our half a century’s track record in this business. Through the years, what has set us apart from competitors is our “can do” attitude to any project, no matter how big or small. Apart from this, our commitment to quality, sensible pricing and customer oriented approach have contributed to making us the region’s leading manufacturer and supplier of wire bending, wire forms and sheet metal components. Our attention to detail and meticulous, process-driven approach have helped us to expand our client base throughout the region. Today, we service a diverse range of industries, from construction, insulation, furniture, healthcare, medical, marine, leisure and much more. We continue to invest in people and technology to ensure that our clients get the best of what’s available in international markets. Though we’re a local business we give customers access to the latest products, materials and technologies.

Wire bending services provided by Gordon Products can be customised to meet your unique needs, preferences, designs, specifications and budget. Our team of highly skilled technicians are trained to use the latest equipment and machines to create a diverse range of wire forms. Today, one of the most widely-used technologies is CNC (computer numerical control) for precision wire formation. These machines use sophisticated software that can be used to match your specifications more accurately. A variety of materials can be used for different purposes. They include music or hard drawn wires, bare metal or pre-galvanized, zinc-coated, different grades of stainless steel, brass, or bellyrium copper. Steel is a popular choice because it is corrosion-resistant and hard-wearing. Based on what you’re using the wire form for, you can select the appropriate material. We can manufacture all kinds of wire forms, components and assemblies ranging in diameter from 1-12 mm.

If you are looking for premium-quality wire bending services, contact Gordon Products. Once you specify the quantity, design and materials, we can give you a detailed quotation. During manufacture we ensure that it meets your specifications. Though wire bending services, processes and technologies have changed over time, our basic values remain steadfast.


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