Looking for Wire Forms in Bristol

Looking for Wire Forms in BristolIf you are looking for wire forms in Bristol, come to us. We have earned a reputation in design and production that rivals most other wire and metal form companies. We work in a number of different wire materials in sizes from 1mm to 12mm. The materials we use are generally suited to a specific industry but we use bright mild steel, stainless steel in a number of different grades, high tensile and spring steel as well as copper or phosphor bronze. Bring us your idea and we will design the item to your specification at a very reasonable cost. We offer a number of different finishes to your wire form like powder or plastic coating.

If you need a small item made for your production line in Bristol, then you may be looking for wire forms. These odd shaped but very practical items are made to specific measurements for unique purposes. Our designers and CNC operators will help you to design the perfect wire form for your business. We can manufacture them by the tens or the millions depending on your needs. Our operators will carry out trial runs for you to make sure that the design is perfect. We will carry on adjusting the sample until it is exactly the right shape and size.

If you are looking for wire forms in Bristol, we can help. Contact Gordon Products today or visit us to discuss your project. We have over 52 years of experience in wire forms and metal component manufacture. With the help of the latest state of the art technology and machinery we are one of the largest suppliers of these products in almost every industry in the UK. We deal with the construction, insulation and healthcare and medical sectors as well as marine and leisure industry. The industrial and engineering companies also keep us quite busy. There is almost no form that we cannot construct from wire or sheet metal.


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