Need an Insulation Fastener in London?

Need an Insulation Fastener in LondonIf you need an insulation fastener in London we can supply you with as many as you require. This is one of our many own brand products. We manufacture many items for the precast concrete industry as well as the construction and insulation sectors. Our ceiling clips can be used with precast beam and block flooring systems.  They are small but invaluable items that can be bought in large or small quantities. Our pipe support brackets have been made for 110mm pipe which is one of the most common sizes. They come in a single bracket or a double bracket for 90 degree pipe support.  Another of our own brand items is the lifting hook that is used in the casting of concrete T-beams.

We are wire form and metal form specialists. In London, if you need an insulation fastener we can make it according to your design. If you have need of a small item that will make up part of a product we can help you design it. Our CNC operators are expert at shaping and bending wire or metal. They will work on your design and make a few prototypes for you to try. When you have found the perfect size and shape item we can produce as many as you need. This can number from tens to thousands of them. We will only manufacture your specific item for you and can offer a number of different finishes to suit the industry you represent.

Need and insulation fastener in London? Contact Gordon Products today and enquire about our metal and wire forming products. For over 50 years we have been making metal and wire forms and can manufacture anything you require. All sections of our business take great pride in ensuring a reliable service to our customers. We keep our prices as low as possible as we are aware of the competitive global market that many of our customers face. Our machines are regularly up dated to ensure we are using the latest technology and the fastest and most accurate machines.



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