Need Premium Quality Pipe Support?

Single Pipe SupportA pipe support is central to any plumbing system. Pipes offer the single most important conduits for supplying water to a building and directing wastewater out to the drains. The piping system of a house is designed depending on the size of the house and the water requirements of the building. Moreover, the system also takes into consideration the weather conditions in the area. A buildings piping system includes both exterior and interior piping systems. The interior pipes run through bathrooms, sinks, showers and kitchens. The exterior pipes cover the sewage drains, water tanks, and council water supply. All these pipes have different structural characteristics that define their function.

A support system is necessary to ensure no weak points develop along pipes. The course of the pipes has to maintain the integrity of the entire piping system. To avoid kinks, pipe supports are installed to safely secure pipes along their course. The supports take off the weight along the pipes and also ensure stress points don’t develop. Different pipe supports serve different functions. The 90° bracket is good for securing pipes along bent joints. The brackets are safely secured from concrete beams and around the pipe. The bridge type pipe brackets allow lateral adjustments that are useful in altering the course of the pipe. Considering water travels through pipes at different pressures, structural integrity is crucial in pipe systems. Inlet water is often under high pressure. Therefore, the pipes are designed to withstand the pressure. Support systems ensure the integrity is also maintained.

Pipe supports are important when laying down a piping system. Brackets allow the suspension of pipes on concrete and beams in buildings. As a building is constructed the pipe have to be tightly secured before installing the ceiling and plastering the walls. Since most pipelines may be out of reach, it’s important to ensure they are properly installed and secured in the preliminary stages. Once the support system is set up, the pipes can be covered. Contact Gordon Products today if you need top quality pipe support. We have been providing all our clients with premium quality services since 1965.


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