Need Quality Bent Wire Products for Your Business?

bent wireGordon Products has been supplying bent wire forms to almost every industry for over 50 years. We have a selection of most often requested CNC wire forms that we manufacture under our own name. The wire components are most often required by the building and concrete industry. Our goal, whether for standard bent wire forms or custom designs, is to supply you with the quantity you need, when you need it at the lowest possible price. That’s what we do to remain competitive and in 50 years the formula has not failed us. We never cut corners because our customers depend on our quality products. Their success is our success. We make sure the bent wire component is dependable.

However, we do cut waste from our own production costs on a regular basis. When it comes to bent wire production we start with a different question than most manufacturers. Most ask how they can get the higher price they need to make a profit and cover overhead. We challenge ourselves to operate leaner so we don’t have to raise prices. It’s amazing what can be achieved by just changing our perspective. It’s how we can cut the fat to operate more efficiently and maintain prices instead of how much we raise prices to cover increased operating costs. We are customer satisfaction driven compared to profit driven. Therefore, the profit takes care of itself.

This formula for bent wire manufacturing has served us well for half a century. We produce only quality products using the finest materials. We are quick to invest in cutting edge technology that will increase our efficiency and allow for more possibilities. We do this with a companywide staff of about 50 employees. We have designers on staff to create the wire form component you need that has yet to be manufactured. We’ll use bright mild steel, stainless steel, copper and bronze for your product. Also included is high tensile, pre galvanised and high carbon. Contact Gordon Products and we will arrange a sample production for your component. Then choose small runs or large volume depending on the demand.


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