Our Own Brand Ceiling Fixings Available in Stock

ceiling fixingsGordon Products has our own brand of ceiling fixings in stock and ready to ship when you need them. We make these products for our customers in the construction and insulation industry as well as some pre-cast concrete and insulation trades. We guarantee that our UNICLIP range is BS EN 13964:2004 +A1:2006 Annex ZA.1.3 compliant. You’ll find good retention with our UNICLIP product. The legs, when bent around the batten allows for temporary support that makes for an easy fix. The plate makes it easy to knock into position. Use them in suspended ceilings to grip ceiling battens to precast concrete floors. You can also use them with beam and block floor systems even after the blocks are laid, sometimes even after grouting. You can figure 4-5 clips per meter.

Our standard UNICLIPs are 145mm, 195mm and 225mm and manufactured from 0.7-0.8mm mild galvanised steel. We also manufacture ceiling clips used to create a clearance void when fixing ceiling battens to beam and block flooring systems for use with a suspended ceiling. They too are made from mild galvanised steel to 1.0mm and 0.8mm. These are designed to fit beams and blocks size 150, 175, or 225. The depth void is 55mm, 75mm, 100mm, 125mm, 150mm, and 200mm. However, if you need a bespoke size we can accommodate. We might need a little more lead time for bespoke orders. However, when we give you a delivery date range for either our standard products or custom orders, you can depend on having them in your hands as promised.

Gordon Products manufactures all wirework, wire components, including ceiling fixings. We also supply sheet metal components and our own standard brands. Our company was established 50 years ago but our commitment to supply quality products at the lowest possible price delivered on time has never changed. We are efficiency experts, careful to eliminate the waste that causes operating costs to increase. We don’t skimp on technology, however. The latest technology allows us to improve efficiency. Contact Gordon Products when you are in the market for ceiling fixings. You can count on us to live up to the reputation that defines our success.


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