Partner with a Professional Company for Top Quality Wire Bending

wire bending Partner with Gordon Products for all your top quality wire bending requirements. We celebrated our 50th anniversary recently with pride and a renewed commitment to customer satisfaction. Our “can do” attitude is what sets us apart from others in this sector – no matter how big or small the project, we are delighted to be of assistance. This attitude runs all the way through our organization, right from the shop floor to the top management, where reliable service, sensible pricing, attention to detail, commitment to quality and focus on customer satisfaction remain the cornerstones of our business. We are based in the North of England, but our customer base extends throughout the region and beyond.

Wire bending is a crucial part of the metal forming services that we provide for various industries. We support a range of industries including construction, insulation, marine, leisure, healthcare, furniture, medical and various engineering and industrial applications. We have the experience, expertise and knowledge to create a comprehensive range of wire forms that can be used in all these applications. Wire can be bent in three dimensions, making it possible to manufacture affordable, light-weight components which may not be possible using conventional sheet metal. Wire forming helps to form metal wire both ferrous and non-ferrous into a variety of products. We can also use combinations of steel tubing and sheet metal to create the components or parts that you require for your particular industry. Such parts are quite common in the computer and electronics industry where the chassis requires air cooling.

Special machine tools are used for wire bending. This is one of the areas that we place great emphasis on. We invest in the latest tools, technology and equipment in this industry and also in training our people in their use. If you need wire bending services, contact Gordon Products today. We give our local clients access to the best of what’s available in international markets across the world and ensure that their needs, preferences and budget are kept firmly in mind in each and every project. You can even give us the bare bones of an idea and we will transform it into a working product.



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